Pink obsession

Pink obsession

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Granola for sparkling souls who love the sweetness of dried berries, but can’t renounce the aromatic notes of the queen of spices: cardamom. Funny note: Pink Obsession is pink. It will make your milk look pink!


•allergens in bold•

Jumbo oats, Almonds, Dried blackcurrants, Organic dried mulberries, Freeze dried raspberry powder, Cardamom, Honey, Extra virgin olive oil, Unrefined sea salt

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Energy: 425kcal/1778kj

Fat: 16g

of which saturates: 2g

Carbohydrate: 53g

of which sugars: 22g

Protein: 11g

Salt: 0.21g

emmi’s pearls of wisdom:

Less is more. Due to the high percentage of selected nutritious ingredients, a generous spoon of Pink Obsession is enough to satisfy your appetite and boost your mood.

Let life surprise you. Sprinkle Pink Obsession on frozen yogurt. It will taste delicious and look pink. Because everyone needs a five-minute colour-changing dessert recipe.

Best breakfast combo. Pink Obsession + Oat drink.